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✅ CODE – Certified Older Driver Evaluations (65+)

For Drivers Ages 65 and Older

At Allied Learning Center, we understand that driving is more than just a means of transportation—it’s integral to how we live our lives. When individuals experience challenges or limitations in their driving abilities, it not only affects their basic transportation needs but also their sense of freedom and independence. Age-related disorders can increase the risk of accidents among older drivers, highlighting the importance of addressing their unique needs.

CODE – Certified Older Driver Evaluations, is specifically designed to assess the driving capabilities of elderly participants holistically. We aim to determine whether they can continue to drive safely, ensuring their well-being on the road.



At Allied Learning Center (ALC), we understand that driving is more than just a means of transportation—it’s a reflection of how we live our lives. Losing the ability to drive or deciding to restrict our driving can have significant implications beyond mere transportation. It can impact our independence and sense of self.

Our team of friendly instructors at ALC is dedicated to helping you regain confidence and maintain your driver’s license and independence. From the moment you step into our center, you can trust that you’re in capable hands.

We recognize the importance of enabling older drivers who are still capable of driving safely to continue doing so, provided they do not pose a risk to themselves or others. Through the Certified Older Driver Evaluation (CODE) program, we’ve seen that approximately 80% of seniors who undergo our evaluation can continue driving safely, even when others may suggest relinquishing their keys.

Who Needs a Certified Older Driver Evaluation?

Older drivers experiencing any of the following:

      • Medical conditions that could affect driving abilities.
      • Changes in vision.
      • Traumatic Brain Injury.
      • Stroke Recovery.
      • Concerns about medication effects on driver safety.
      • Recent relocation to a new city.
      • Recently becoming the primary driver in the family.
      • Concerns expressed by family, friends, doctors, or law enforcement.
      • Periods of time without driving.
      • Diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
      • Mental or physical decline due to aging.
      • Lack of confidence in driving ability.
      • Recent involvement in auto accidents or other incidents affecting driving.

The Process

Step 1: Start by having your physician make a referral, or simply call or visit Allied Learning Center. No referral is necessary to begin the evaluation process.

Step 2: Complete health questionnaires online from the comfort of your home. If needed, enlist the help of family, friends, or caregivers. If assistance is required, our team is available to guide you through the process.

Step 3: Undergo a comprehensive clinical evaluation at ALC, where we assess vision, range of motion, motor strength, reaction time, review prescription medications, and conduct cognitive tests such as CDT, MoCA, Trail Making Part A and B, among others.

Step 4: Participate in a behind-the-wheel evaluation to assess your actual driving skills.

Step 5: Receive the final Certified Older Driver Evaluation Report (CODE) from Allied Learning Center. This comprehensive report includes questionnaire responses, clinical evaluations, medication assessments, and behind-the-wheel assessment results.

At ALC, we not only provide evaluation reports but also offer additional support services such as refresher courses and vehicle modifications as needed. We also provide information on driving retirement and alternative transportation options, if appropriate.

Doctors and family members can trust our evaluations when counseling patients or loved ones recovering from physical injuries or surgeries. Our evaluation process is comprehensive, addressing critical areas where drivers may experience difficulties, including legal, cognitive, visual, physical, behavioral, financial, social, and future considerations. At Allied Learning Center (ALC), we’re committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of drivers through comprehensive evaluations and support services.


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