“out of all the 6 places I emailed which do (DUI) classes in the area, you were the only one who responded”

“…out of all the six places I emailed which do classes in the area, you were the only one who responded.  I appreciate that you did, that you did quickly, and your empathy regarding my situation.”   -Student, Male, 40

“cares about you passing the class, unlike the more obvious DUI schools”

​​​​​“When I first started I was upset about having to take the DUI class, but Stephanie was actually awesome and very easy to listen to.  I thought it would be boring, but she made it interesting.  The 20 hour class went by surprisingly fast and she made the lessons enjoyable.  She cares about you passing the class, unlike the more obvious DUI schools.  She even called me to make sure I was going to make it to class, because it was raining.  I would recommend this class to anyone with a DUI, you won’t regret your decision.    -Student, Male, 26

“With my first DUI I didn’t know what to do …these people really care.”

“With my first DUI I didn’t know what to do, between lawyers, cops, and my parents I was feeling really frustrated. But the moment I met Stephanie I got such a great energy from her. She was super friendly and made sure I knew everything I needed to know. They even called me the day before class to make sure I remembered! I didn’t feel like a cog in the machine, these people really care.”  -Student, Male, 23

” they treated my like a human being and not a criminal”

“I spent a long time researching DUI schools in desperate hopes for finding the best choice for me. This entire DUI experience has made me incredibly anxious and untrusting. Stephanie Kootsikas and Allied Learning Center were hands down the best option. Allied Learning Center were the first people throughout this entire legal process that treated me with a respect and courtesy. They didn’t treat  me like I was a criminal, which was astonishing at first in this long legal process. Stephanie is incredibly educated on drugs and alcohol matters and is very passionate about her work. Her compassionate nature allows her to connect well with students.   To say that going through this was difficult for me would be an understatement. I am genuinely grateful that I made this right decision and selected Allied Learning Center. I literally never write reviews but I truly felt strongly experience that I wanted to share with others. It sucks to be in this situation but Allied made this part bearable and I cannot stress this enough they treated my like a human being and not a criminal which seems rare in this industry.”   –Student, Female, 31


“As my year comes to a close I wanted to share how a very negative situation, my DUI arrest has brought some very positive changes.  Stephanie, my instructor, was so committed and for the first time since my arrest I was treated with respect and did not feel even more humiliated than this last year has made me feel. Her passion and connection to DUI’s provided me with the balance I needed from an instructor for it to be effective.  What I really was impressed with is the small class size, this  minimized my embarrassment .  If you are reading this review then you are probably researching as I did.  DON’T THINK TWICE, CHOOSE THIS SCHOOL.”    –Student, Female, 44

“you make our class comfortable without judging”

“Eileen, your ability to follow a well-written curriculum is one thing, but you make our class comfortable without judging or condescending.  You realize that people in our class have different issues, yet it seems that you are able to relate to each of us.  Thank you for giving me your time. I am adding you to my list of things that I value in life.”  -Student, Female, 41